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Oct 12, 2019 BOD MEETING

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October 12th 2019

The meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Wichita Kansas following the 2019 conference

Jennifer James, Dr. Michael Anderson, Deb Campbell, Michael Garrison, Jeremy Martinson, Vance Collamore Debra Turner, Chris Teage, Henry Johns, Amy Ludwig and Megan Donecker also attended.


Jennifer stated that the AAST may approve some money to pay Martinson for the costs involved with the website. It was voted that Jeremy Martinson be reimbursed $204.00 and that $324.00 be paid to maintain the website.

Henry Johns will give Jennifer administrative rights to KASP Facebook page.

Concerns and discussion were discussed on how to increase the number of attendees. It was decided that holding the conference in the Overland Park area and making twelve CECs available to hopefully attract respiratory therapists. It was also discussed that getting the information and the agenda about the conference out sooner would be helpful too.

It was decided that the venue for the 2020 conference needs to be decided on in two weeks from today.

It was decided and voted that the 2020 conference will be October 2 and 3rd 2020 in Overland Park.

New Board members will be voted in at the next Board meeting.

Four people where not able to attend the meeting after they had registered. The Board was aware that one member’s parent was in hospice care and one other was hospitalized. The Board voted that KASP would “carry forward” the registration fees that these people had paid rather than KU handle the refund. Jennifer will write a letter to each of these people and let them know of the Boards decision.

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Debra Turner

Secretary for KASP

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